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Mining Station
by Dutch Devil
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, Boom
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I've recently started to pick up my mapping againg after a long time of absence. Reason for it is that some RL issues made my life a living hell last year. I had alot on my mind and didn't had any interest in doing anything on my projects. I'm starting to find my own pace again and things have gotten better. I'm probably still not where I want to be, no worries its not because of a bad health.

So for some unknown reason I picked this map to be the first in line to be finished. I really have no idea why I selected this one first, probably just a random pick from the pile. Or didn't want to screw up my other maps which are a bit more complex than this one is. A long time of absence doesn't do your mapping skills any good.

This map will be my main focus, and won't do any side projects besides this map. I'm just affraid that if I do too much stuff on the side I will drown in my own work again. This map has been sitting on my hd for a year at least, probably even more. At the time I didn't had any ideas, and didn't knew I which direction I should take it.

But now I can say progress is decent, the rooms are getting nicer looking every time. I really feel the desire to work on this map come back again, and the ideas keep flowing. The title is just a working title for now, the finished map will go by a different name. I haven't given it much thought yet, I probably come up with something fitting by the time its done. Apart from a custom sky and some textures no other custom resources are going to be used. Progress sits around 50% range, it will be a medium sized map with good a good amount of detail.

Hope ya like.

PFL writes:(new) 14.05.2013, 02:46 GMT+1

Yes I do. Hello again Dutch. Did I ever mention about your bricks as they could fall from the ceiling ? :) yes I did once. Subject closed :)

Very nice, as always. I think I could recognize your style among many. You have a signature ... Please make this one more Devil than Dutch :) Let it be HARD.

I am also glad you came back from that "misery" year. I don't remember what it was but I do remember there was something. I feel a fatality ? Anyhow, very happy to hear from you again. WIP has resurrected for a while. It was down the whole time you had your share of troubles. Almost a copy/paste timing. Mysterious.

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 14.05.2013, 18:41 GMT+1

My mother died last year, 2012 wasn't a good year for me. And the problems WIP had been suffering from looks to be over. I'll probably make it pretty hard this time, done enough easy maps in the past. Time to be evil again, don't think I'm going for a slaughter type of map. But you get enough hard battles to overcome. Going to try to be original with the traps, you know no key traps or stuff like that.

So yeah still around and expecting to be more active in the future.

PFL writes:(new) 15.05.2013, 02:25 GMT+1

I am anxious to try your post 2012 maps.

grouchbag writes:(new) 16.06.2013, 05:24 GMT+1

Dutch Devil,your maps are really great.You're very talented.

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 18.06.2013, 23:49 GMT+1

Thanks, its probably the only talent I have :p

PFL writes:(new) 19.06.2013, 00:43 GMT+1

At least you have one :)))))

PFL writes:(new) 20.01.2014, 06:09 GMT+1

Woah! large map indeed. Will not have enough time to complete it tonight. So far done. I like where you take us, though a bit linear but never boring. NEVER :))) Had my thrill to find my berserk pack already. Was wondering about that outside rising platform for the lava that seemed to have no purpose. Well, I got my answer soon after I took that 200 shield suit. Eveything is balanced ... just like a perfect movie, not any improvisation. So far. Much much pleasure. we'll b' back.

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 20.01.2014, 16:27 GMT+1

Thanks, the map turned out better than I expected. Looks sexy too, sooo classic but with modern design :)

PFL writes:(new) 24.01.2014, 01:47 GMT+1

Done. I think this one's my top "gameplay wise" from you. And yes, something sexual comes out of it. Got it; it's those bricks, kinda reminding the ones used in the showers of some lockers. They are associated with nudity. :)))

My point of view :)) Now, to find a name that could reflect that sexyness won't be easy :)

PFL writes:(new) 27.01.2014, 03:47 GMT+1

I went too far ? :))) Don't mind too much; I'm a retard at some point.

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 27.01.2014, 10:56 GMT+1

Internet is full of retards, best thing anyone can do is to ignore them. :)

Doom_Dude writes:(new) 22.12.2015, 16:19 GMT+1
edited 27.12.2015, 20:07 GMT+1

Hay Dutch, was looking through your maps on here. Sorry to read that your mom passed away in 2012. Sorry for your loss, man. I know it's not easy to lose a parent as I lost my dad in 2013. Hope you're doing well now considering it ain't fukken easy. I'm ok tho and just really getting back into mapping since. Your map here is looking spiffy. I hope you do more mapping soon, I need more stuff to play. ;) Gonna downgrab this now that I clued in there's a link. You'll read this in 2017 or somethin'. :p

[edit]Played this on UV. Took me over an hour to finish. Found all secrets. Excellent map Dutch. :)

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 02.06.2016, 17:05 GMT+1

Read your message in 2017, nah altough 2016 isn't very fast either ;P Thanks for playing my map. Jeezz has it been this long allready since the release of this map. I need to re-learn mapping all over again. Where the heck did I lose all that time on.

Sorry to hear you lost your dad, hope you're okay, not easy going through all that.

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