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Doom: Fear
by ConCass
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in progress, ZDoom
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Fear is a WAD I began in September 2011. It was an idea by my brother which he asked me to produce. It is set in a UAC base on the planet Pluto, where a planet surface vehicle is out exploring the surface while cameras are being monitored on the car. While driving it goes over a layer of weak land above a cavern, which cracks under the weight and the car falls into a cavern. Inside is a colony of Hell that rests under the surface, waiting to ambush the UAC again. The time is right, and another wave invades. This wave is led by an entity known simply as the "Aura", a floating soulsphere lookalike that has summoned some stronger extra enemies.

The four marines (the amount depending if you're playing single-player or not) are transporting themselves onto the planet in their ship while moving military posts, but the unknown enemy force attacks and their ship is sent down, crashing into a man-made lake in the UAC's Pluto colony. The marines are clearly aware what is going on as soon as they recover from the shock of the crash, and know that it can only be their old nemesis, the army of Hell. They have a feeling that they might now have to deal with a few much stronger, unknown enemies while moving around the maze-like bases on Pluto. Hell strikes once more.

The three screenshots are 1 level from each of the three episodes in the WAD, which are E1M6, E2M2 and E3M8 respectively. The WAD has some custom content taken from Realm667, a website with custom-content for ZDoom, and the owners of each custom content will be credited in the WAD when it is released.

PFL writes:(new) 13.05.2013, 01:55 GMT+1

Classic style. Nice job.

ConCass writes:(new) 14.05.2013, 20:38 GMT+1

@PFL A lot of times I tried to recreate the style of classic Doom just for the sake of nostalgia. John Romero put up some of his "rules" of map-making, they're on the Doom Wiki

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