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Starcraft coop
by LiverMore
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, ZDoom
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3


Starcraft coop mod
inspired by starcraft Broodwar
Terran: 100% all terran units done
Zerg: 80%
Protoss: 0% not started
Heroes done
Jim raynor
Gui montag
Alexei stukov
Tom kazansky
alan scecharz
edmun duke

Saican writes:(new) 23.04.2013, 21:58 GMT+1

Huh? You need to add more details. What do you mean "Starcraft Co-op Mod"? Do we get to play as different units from the game? A first person shooter from a RTS? Sounds like C&C Renegade. Can we play as ships? How are we supposed to fly around maps as Battlecruisers. Clearly those ships are enormous! Also, the only thing Starcraft I think I can see is in the third shot on the left and whatever it is looks like a marine...maybe. However, running around as a Zergling would be fun. This could open up some interesting gameplay as a multiplayer game. More details though :P

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