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Metroid Classic *1st Person Remake*
by Usagi 1
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in progress, ZDoom
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FEBRUARY 13, 2013

Metroid Remake!

This is just an attempt for me to find out exactly how far I can push GZdoom's engine with 3d floors, gl lights and scripts.

Other than that this is *INDEED* a work in progress. I just thought one day... Hey... I really like Doom... and I really like Metroid... Why not combine them?

This wad will feature
- New Playerclasses
- New Weapons
- New Sprites, monsters, and textures
- New Music and sound effects
- Massive open world
- Co-Op support *2 for now... Possibly 4*

And all those fond memories of the classic Metroid universe!

Pic descriptions

Pic 1 - Shot of the game start room... The morph ball isn't coded yet but I thought I'd add the dynamic light to give a glimpse of where it'll be.
Pic 2 - 2nd shot of the game start room.
Pic 3 - 2nd room, just a better view of the 3d floors and textures.


PFL writes:(new) 28.03.2013, 03:02 GMT+1

:) beautiful

Usagi 1 writes:(new) 28.03.2013, 15:17 GMT+1

aww pics didn't upload... :(

PFL writes:(new) 29.03.2013, 09:46 GMT+1

... and if we talk too much, everything will vanish again :-)

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