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Somewhat Simple
by SgtCrispy
Doom 2, deathmatch
released, ZDoom
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I was playing some DM on Doom2 Map7 and decided to make my own version. This about 2 hours of work, quick for me. I'd say its about 50% done atm. ZDoom or SkullTag are the ports that will be required.

chopkinsca writes:13.03.2004, 08:38 GMT+1

You shamelessly plug to irc when I am in the crowds whilst drunk? tsk tsk tsk...

quick look reminds me greatly that there isn't much to differ from the look of doom 2 Map07.
then again, while a picture is worth a thousand words, a .wad file is worth a billion.

Lutrov71 writes:13.03.2004, 08:57 GMT+1

Looks a bit Plutoniaish. (I hope that's a word.)

SgtCrispy writes:13.03.2004, 18:35 GMT+1

I really dont mean to differ from the overall theme of map07, just mix it up a bit.

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