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by EarthQuake
Doom 2, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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Sinflux v1.0
"Sinful Influx"
Created by Josh (AKA EarthQuake) Simpson, 2003.

Sinflux is a modification for Zdoom 2.0.X, that takes advantage of many new Zdoom features, and that combines Doom's story structure and Hexen's nostalgic atmosphere into a unique experience. Enter a time where the once great technologies of the past have long faded, and the world is now cursed with evil beings. Only magick and pure brute force keep the lands safe now. The world is composed of hub-based dungeons-and-dragons style levels, each which is dynamic in content and varies from game to game. Monsters are both strategically placed and randomly spawned, giving a battle, even after a level has been cleared. Travel between hubs is essential in finding the supplies you will need for the rest of your journey. Explore caves and mountains, forests and swamps. Descend deep into the ground, and find the source of the evil and bring it to a halt.

The Story So Far...
You find yourself washed up on a beach of white sand, the waves crashing around you. Wearily, you climb to your feet and glance around you.
"Where am I?" you ask yourself, "and who am I?" You look around for some clue to your identity, a wallet or something, but your pockets are empty, and nothing has washed up on the beach with you. You are wearing some type of military uniform with a faded logo on it that says "UAC". It's so faded you can't even tell that's what it's supposed to say.
Echoes of prowling animals fill the air; suddenly you don't feel so comfortable...
Ahead of you lies a mountain of rocks and stones, you can even see a light being cast off from the top of the structure, but it's too far to see any details. Maybe someone can enlighten you with some information as to where you are, or even who you are... maybe...

The World
Almost every level is created in a way that allows different variations for each new game. This increases the replayability of the level thus making the game fun to play again. Different area "open" at the start of the game giving access to different areas, different items, and different side-quests. Each episode has a main hub level, which branches off into many sublevels, permitting the player to travel back and forth between those levels without interrupting the state of the level once it has been left.
All main quests must be completed to finish the episode. Once the episode is complete, then the inter-dimensional hub will open up a one-way passage to the next episode.
Sub-quests are not mandatory, but provide significant rewards to the player. They only further the experience and knowledge of one's mind.

The Monsters
The monsters of Sinflux are all organic and spiritual in nature; they reflect the very hordes of Hell, and have a seemingly endless existance. You'll be fighting your way through the lairs of demons and through restless graveyards.
As for what monsters to expect... well, let's just say you'll see some familiar faces, and maybe some new ones...

The Weapons
In a land where technology has left its mark and then vanished, it is a suprise that gunpowder still dominates the main form of defense against Hellspawn. Firearms are some of the only technological artifacts remaining, and it's up to you to find them. However, some of the lost artifacts like the plasma rifle are not still around.

boris writes:27.12.2003, 20:42 GMT+1

Well, uh, the screenshots look rather dark, not much to see there ;)

Tormentor667 writes:27.12.2003, 20:53 GMT+1

Yes... they are really too dark to mention anything productive for you.

EarthQuake writes:27.12.2003, 21:14 GMT+1

Damnit I knew that was going to be a problem... It looks dark on my computer (because it _is_ dark), but not that dark... well, I guess I'll have to wait until the backend allows editing of the profile/screenshots :P

Jonathan writes:27.12.2003, 21:19 GMT+1

I presume these screenshots are of the beach you say the story starts on. It'd be preferable to see a little more of the level proper, unless it's not done yet, in which case maybe you could wait until you've got a little more done before posting previews. We'll still be here :)

Udderdude writes:27.12.2003, 22:45 GMT+1

I can't see jack :P But the description sounds interesting. I expect to see this released in say .. 2-3 years??

Nmn writes:28.12.2003, 00:47 GMT+1

That dark lighting is tough, but look on the bright side. That's a great scene for brighter lights (bonfires, torches) to play. That would look great.

EarthQuake writes:28.12.2003, 01:04 GMT+1

Yes, that is the beach and I just started mapping it yesterday. I hope to have a good working demo released in 3-6 months, so I'll let ya know when that happens.
I really wanted to get the description out there so people could take in some interest and hopefully I could get some help with this. Origianlly I planned to do this 40-some level mod by myself :D
I've come quite far, and I'm not turning back.

Again, once the site backend is strengthened, then I'll repost some screenshots of the town I just started.

I really wish I could post mroe than 3 screenshots :/

Nmn writes:28.12.2003, 01:56 GMT+1

Can I advice something, pal? You just started yesterday? Slow down a minute cause 40 levels, who hoo, I hope You can handle that, You won't quit this project and You won't get a mapper's block like I usually do :((

EarthQuake writes:28.12.2003, 03:12 GMT+1

I said I started _that map_ yesterday. The game has been in dev for about two months now and I already have a few levels done.

I know exactly what you are saying, because I know how it is. I've been mapping for six years, so I have some experience under my belt.
Don't you think 1-2 years is enough for 40 levels? Alot of the levels are rather small anyway and I have much time to do this, let alone find someone to help carry the burden.

Yeah, I can handle that, and plus I'm looking for help, currently got a profile up on ModDB, but I don't think anyone looks at the Doom stuff on that site...

Maybe I'll try for Doomworld.
One episode at a time, right?

Steve writes:27.03.2004, 05:48 GMT+1


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