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Jail Break
by Ninja_of_DooM
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, doom(2).exe
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3


My NDCP project map. This takes up slot 14. Tech style-ish level using new textures. This wad is almost done. Just need to sort out the theings pointed out.

boris writes:(new) 06.03.2004, 02:22 GMT+1

Doesn't look too bad, but a bit too many 90 angles and some lack of lighting. And the light in shot 3 looks rather unrealistic.

boris writes:(new) 06.03.2004, 14:30 GMT+1

Disapproved for breaking the rules:

"Don't submit already released maps, it's called WADs In Progress on purpose. I don't want to have the whole /idgames here. Of course that icludes submitting a WAD and then updating it as "released" after it's been approved"

boris writes:(new) 08.03.2004, 00:52 GMT+1

Um, so... is it release now or not?

Ninja_of_DooM writes:(new) 08.03.2004, 21:20 GMT+1

It's not reeased. That's what I get for uploading it at 12AM.

Lutrov71 writes:(new) 13.03.2004, 14:13 GMT+1

Looks nice! The light in screenshot 3 is to unrealistic.

Ninja_of_DooM writes:(new) 23.03.2004, 20:20 GMT+1

Ok point taken. I thought it looked cool at first but looking at it now it looks pretty bad. I'd get this damn level modified and done now but I haven't finished my Sp Legacy wad yet.

ChasHiessy writes:(new) 23.05.2017, 06:33 GMT+1

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