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Last Man on Earth
by Sigvatr
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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Last Man on Earth is a project to recreate the city level section of Doom 2 in an authentic Earth-like atmosphere. It will feature 30 all new levels, a completely original texture set and 100% original music in mp3 format.

thug555666 writes:(new) 27.12.2007, 14:57 GMT+1

looks pretty awesome

doomaniac writes:(new) 27.12.2007, 18:35 GMT+1

The atmosphere is good.Keep the work.

Dancso writes:(new) 28.12.2007, 08:50 GMT+1

cool. I love the atmosphere! Looking forward to it! :)

Whoo writes:(new) 28.12.2007, 13:06 GMT+1

Good atmosphere!Just keep the story good.Good job!

zombiekiller81 writes:(new) 25.04.2008, 21:49 GMT+1

sounds cool

PFL writes:(new) 30.11.2012, 01:28 GMT+1


Saican writes:(new) 01.12.2012, 20:03 GMT+1

I agree, PFL. Here is another lost gem, but the decay of WIP hasn't stopped like I'd hoped.

On a lighter note though, I wonder what ever became of this project? I feel like I remember seeing this all that time ago, but paid little attention. The custom textures intrigue me now, especially in shot 2 and 3. I love custom textures!

Alterworldruler writes:(new) 07.12.2012, 11:52 GMT+1

Saican and PFL, you guys should visit doomworld/zdoom forums/drdteam (pick your choice) and find the Soulcrusher thread, it's been released as public beta 2a, I want you guys to play through it.

PFL writes:(new) 07.12.2012, 13:00 GMT+1

Ok :-) and on your side, try Lucifer's Rising demo :-OOOOO Epic Quality

Saican writes:(new) 09.12.2012, 18:02 GMT+1

Can do!

Alterworldruler writes:(new) 09.12.2012, 20:38 GMT+1

While we are at it... since this site's as good as dead, Saican and PFL, here's my mail if you want to catch me properly: zimnypr@gmail.com ;)

PFL writes:(new) 10.12.2012, 00:57 GMT+1
edited 10.12.2012, 01:02 GMT+1

This mail will autodestruct in some posts ^^pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh^^

time for a small edit: man, your TC has the bar raised very very high. I tried it for several minutes and Ouch! BUT, before I deep in into it, I must first finish what I started (Lucifer's Rising). So I'll get into it in one week or so. But heh, let's spoil it already: it's sold :-)

Alterworldruler writes:(new) 10.12.2012, 07:24 GMT+1

Well yeah, if you want to send your impressions properly, send me a mail to the address I mentioned earlier. And nah it's a partial conversion because some enemies don't have their graphics yet. (which I plan to fix eventually)

Saican writes:(new) 17.12.2012, 13:10 GMT+1

I've been a bit busy lately and away from my computer, but I did try the first, I believe 3 levels. I believe I was playing on the HMP equivalent, although at the time of writing this it's been at least a week since I ventured into Soulcrusher. I have to say, I found it quite an experience. The maps are complex and beautiful. The fights are intense but manageable. I thoroughly enjoyed the evasion of the demon hordes and the laser traps and the first boss was very exciting. I really loved the spring boards that let me fly around the room and evade him. I will continue on in a few days when the weekend hits again, although there will be some serious drunks on the 21st :P

Lastly, I know this post will eventually be gone, and I feel bad taking over a completely different project thread. So I will take this chance to tell you, Alter and PFL that I am Nero on the ZDoom and DRD forums so you can expect to see my review on ZDoom since I frequent there more often.

Hopefully the electronics of the world don't fizzle on the 21st so I can keep on playing. EXCELLENT work from what I've played Alter!

PFL writes:(new) 17.12.2012, 19:15 GMT+1

Nero like in Burning ROM :-) It's quite fizzling here already with TONS of unexpected heavy SNOW.

Alterworldruler writes:(new) 24.12.2012, 10:54 GMT+1

Alright Saican, I've sent you a Pm on zdoom forums ;). I have PFL on my sight as well. Got you both added to my friends list.

Alterworldruler writes:(new) 24.12.2012, 10:55 GMT+1

Also happy christmas.

PFL writes:(new) 25.12.2012, 06:37 GMT+1
edited 25.12.2012, 06:38 GMT+1

Alter, I am starting this for real now, even though I have received the BFG edition package for Christmas (drunk Santa Claus), which is also tempting :-) Damn I have not enough time to try out ALL the good releases when the Cacowards time of the year arrives (too many). Not bad for a 20 years old game :-).

Happy Christmas to WIP and it's three remaining posters :-))) hip-pS !

Alterworldruler writes:(new) 25.12.2012, 13:59 GMT+1

If you and Saican want to catch me, i'm on zdoom forums all the time. i think it's time for us to abandon WIP.
So me, you and Nero (Saican), we should meet on zdoom forums from now on via PMs.

And happy christmas.

PFL writes:(new) 26.12.2012, 00:30 GMT+1

R.I.P. W.I.P.

Saican writes:(new) 27.12.2012, 06:53 GMT+1

Man, this is hard to do. But it's time.

Goodbye Wads In Progress. You will be missed.


See you on ZDoom guys!

PFL writes:(new) 28.03.2013, 03:08 GMT+1

It doesn't want to die yet, it's just like Doomguy :)

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