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RevengeX - your mission is kill X-Mage
This wad contains 50 maps
It has 8 big bosses + 1 most dangerous - X-Mage
It contains several Invasion, CTF and ST maps

Screenshot #1: MAP03: Subterra; fighting with evil elementals, kamikaze souls, rail elementals and rail souls.

Screenshot #2: D2INV3: Hell; wave 3 started.

Screenshot #3: MAP20: Cinaed's lab; fighting with the fourth boss - Cinaed. He is attacking with his "Rage Attack".

doomaniac writes:(new) 28.10.2007, 21:08 GMT+1
edited 28.10.2007, 21:12 GMT+1

The idea is good.

Craigs writes:(new) 02.11.2007, 16:23 GMT+1

I think someone's trapped in the closet.

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 02.11.2007, 18:44 GMT+1

I hope the 47 other maps have an different and more interesting design.

Craigs writes:(new) 05.11.2007, 16:27 GMT+1

To have pink lost souls and pink marines?

Abik_a writes:(new) 06.11.2007, 13:45 GMT+1
edited 06.11.2007, 13:47 GMT+1

All enemies in this have several stages and each has diffirent color.
I will change screenshots till i make new maps

Catman writes:(new) 29.11.2007, 08:13 GMT+1

Craigs writes: 02.11.2007, 16:23 GMT+1

I think someone's trapped in the closet.

I think someone's a troll...

Apocsoft writes:(new) 07.12.2007, 09:24 GMT+1


Doomeroxd writes:(new) 23.11.2016, 18:08 GMT+1

And the download link

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