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Welcome to WIP - WADs In Progress!

At this page Doom level designers can post screen shots of their work-in-progress levels. Other mappers and players can then post comments on the screen shots.

In the beginning this was a platform for classic Doom maps only, but now Doom 3 levels are allowed as well.

To view the most recently added levels, just click the "recent WADs" link on the menu on the left. You can also specify if you just want to see all levels of one game, what port it should be for and all the other nice stuff :) Just play around with it a bit, it's not too complicated ;)

To add your own WADs or post you have to register, but make sure to read the rules first!

WIP heavily inspired by The Pipeline, which is mainly for Quake maps though.

Page © 2003-2019 by boris. All screen shots are property of the respective owners.

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